Computer Networking Business


Computer Networking Business


OCSMALLTECH is happy to provide our friends and neighbors in the Greater Seattle area with quality on-site tech support services. We understand that bulky computer systems aren’t always easy to lug around – and that some things, like network setup and configuration, need to be done directly at your home or business.

Turn to ocsmalltech for Costa Mesa’s premier on-site tech support services. It’s the most convenient way to get you back up and running.


In-Home Tech Support Services

Let ocsmalltech come to you! We can assist you with in-home diagnostic services and repairs, as well as setting up your personal Wi-Fi network, printers/scanners, and configuring your media center for ease of use. Just about anything that can be done at our Seattle repair shops, can also be done right in the comfort of your home!

If your computer issue is a little more complicated, and needs to be fixed up back at our shop, we offer pickup and delivery services as well. We’ll even reconnect everything for you once the repair is complete!


Business Tech Support Services

Not every business needs – or can afford – a permanent IT department, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the benefits of quality on-site service. From server troubles to misbehaving workstations, companies of every size will routinely encounter computer problems that can impact productivity and revenue if not dealt with promptly.

ocsmalltech offers dedicated support for a variety of business solutions, including:

  • Virtual Private Networking (VPNs)
  • Remote and Local Backup
  • Remote Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Incident Response
  • Point of Sale

With on-site tech support for businesses, you’ll never have to worry about the minutia of computers and networking again. We also offer ongoing support plans, which can be far less expensive than hiring full-time IT staff.


Make an Appointment

On-site tech support services do require an appointment, so please contact us to schedule yours. Our services are available to homes and businesses across the Greater Costa Mesa area, including the NewPort Beach.

Remember – a simple call now could save you or your business from countless troubles down the road!